How does Maca work?
Maca effectively helps your body naturally, balancing hormones, treating depression, heightening the libido, improving the quality of semen, and increasing energy and strength.

How should I take Pure Maca?
You will begin by taking 1 to 2 capsules each day for the first 30 days.  Then, 1 capsule each day is sufficient.  Ideally, they should be taken by 2:00 PM in order to boost hormone levels.  Many users prefer to take 1 in the morning and the other at two in the afternoon.

Are there any side effects to taking Pure Maca?
If you have a cancer that is hormone related, such as prostate or breast cancer, or suffer from endometriosis, talk to your doctor before using Pure Maca or other supplements that will affect your hormone levels.  Maca is essentially a dense root similar to a potato that contains calcium, magnesium, and plant sterols.  Studies have proven that maca is an adaptogen, which means it adapts to your body’s needs.  It will not cause overproduction of estrogen, adrenaline, or testosterone if your body is producing sufficient amounts of these compounds.  If you experience a drop in estrogen due to perimenopause, maca encourages your body to maintain healthy levels of this hormone that are appropriate to your body age.  Because of this adaptation ability, maca does not have bad side effects.

Can thyroid medications interfere with Pure Maca?
No, although it is suggested you have a TSH perform six weeks after you begin taking Pure Maca, as the supplement will benefit your thyroid function, and your thyroid medication may need to be decreased.

Can I take Pure Maca if I have high blood pressure?

Yes. If your hypertension is effectively controlled, you can take Pure Maca.

Do I need a prescription for Pure Maca?
Because Pure Maca is 100% all natural and organic, you will not need a prescription or doctor’s visit to order this supplement.  If you are currently taking medication, or have health concerns, speak to your doctor before taking Pure Maca.

What methods can I use for payment?
The fastest way to receive your order is to use a credit card with our online order form, which is encrypted with 256-bit technology for your security. You can also select Paypal, bank wire or Western Union as a payment option on the online form.  If you wish to order by phone, call our customer service representatives or send an email if you have any questions with ordering.

Do you ship to my location?
Because our supplements are all-natural and do not contain prescription chemicals, they can be shipped anywhere in the world.  Shipment usually takes from 5 to 12 days through regular postal service, or you may choose courier shipping for an additional fee.

How is your product shipped?
If you order the Pure Maca today then we will send it out as soon as your card has been processed (Usually within 24hr of placing the order). Your packet will be sent International Airmail fron New Zealand and take 7-14 days to arrive. You can also select Courier shipping option to receive it even faster, in 2-6 days. We ship Pure Maca worldwide.

Is the order shipped discreetly?
Yes!  Orders are mailed in unmarked, plain packaging.  They are simply labeled as health supplements, so no one knows what’s in the box but you.
What bank name will appear on the credit card statement?
We use several banks to process our credit card orders.  When your payment has been approved, you will receive an e-mail with billing information.  The descriptor does not mention the pills name or other information.
Do you include a money-back guarantee?
We’re sure you will love your Pure Maca supplements, but if there is an issue, they can be returned within 60 days of the purchase date for a full refund minus shipping and handling fees.  This applies to any number of sealed bottles and up to one opened bottle, even if it is empty.  Please contact customer service for return instructions.